Upcycle Clothing is a fashion marketplace to rehome pieces of your wardrobe and fall in love with hard-to-find styles and unique items. The platform is a seamless service that eliminates the hassle of reselling clothing and provides security when purchasing from a circular marketplace. This is a win-win situation for all, most importantly the environment.

Upcycle Clothing’s seamless service is centred upon removing the drag of reselling your clothing. We do the hard work for you. Upcycle Clothing presents your items like an in-store experience, modelled on real women, in real photos, on an easy-to-use site. We find your buyers, communicate the details, and take care of the post-purchase hassles, like shipping. And just like that, you have trimmed your impact on the environment, brightened another’s wardrobe and benefited from the exchange.

Brooklyn Dicker


After years of selling friends and my own unused clothes, I wanted to build a brand that not only empowers sustainable choices, but create a simple and hassle-free way of selling your clothes.

Through our online platform and warehouse sale events we have been able to captivate a community, encourage people to recycle their clothes and give consumers the ability to show off their individuality through fashion.