Consignment Terms and Conditions


This agreement creates an agreement between you as the consigner and Upcycle Clothing.  To confirm your understanding and acceptance of the Agreement, click "Agree. You must consent to this Agreement if you wish to continue and consign your items through Upcycle Clothing. 



  • The consigner would like Upcycle Clothing to sell the agreed items on a consignment basis. 
  • The items will remain the property of the consignee until the item is sold or donated. 
  • The consignment period is a period of 6 months.
  • The consignee will create a secure account on the Aravenda Portal and be responsible for the maintenance of the profile settings.
  • Consignees must register a Paypal account within their Upcycle Clothing account to receive funds from sales from consigned items.
  • The Inventory Listing via Aravenda Portal will be the source of tracking the items that are being consigned with Upcycle Clothing.
  • Items on the Inventory list will need to be shipped or delivered to Upcycle Clothing, and goods lost or missing will be the responsibility of the consignee.
  • The items received will be subject to condition review and pricing approval by Upcycle Clothing, and items not suitable for sale will need to be collected or shipped back to the consignee at the expense of the consignee, items not collected or shipped within 7 days will become the property of Upcycle Clothing.
  • The condition review is subject to the below condition table assessment & specific criteria. 

Brand New with Tags Attached 

These items are brand new and never been worn. Most likely the item didn’t fit or suit owner

Never Worn – No Tags Attached

These items are brand new and never been worn. 

Most likely the item didn’t fit or suit owner 

However, the tags are no longer attached

Perfect Condition

These items have been worn once or twice and are in perfect condition. These items show no signs of wear.



Activewear - Szep, Echt, PE Nation, Stax, Nike, Reebok, Adidas...

Shoes - Nike, Air Jordans, Converse, Asics, Veja, New Balances, Vans, Supergas, Golden Goose.. (honestly just anything branded)

Denim - Abrand, Ksubi, Dr Denim, Insight, Neuw, Rollas, Levis, Ragged Priest...

Everything Else - Camilla & Marx, Zimmerman, Joslin Studio, Rat & Boa, Misha Collection, Dissh, Sabo Skirt, Jagger & Stone, Bardot, Ghanda, Bec & Bridge, AJE, Lioness, With Jean, I AM GIA, Natalie Rolt, Brought from General Pants, Glue...



 Please note these brands must have a tag on them &/or in current the season %/or sold out style. If your items do not fit this criteria they will not be sold via Upcycle Clothing.

Items that could easily be picked up from the shops for <$40 will no longer be accepted. (Items that are under this price range generally don't sell well as second hand)

If you are unsure if your item will be accepted, please email me first at

Brands - Babyboo, Beginning Boutique, Charcoal Clothing,  Glassons, Princess Polly, Peppermayo, Showpo, Zara.



At Upcycle Clothing we believe in selling clothes that give customers their value for money. We are trying to stay clear of fast fashion items.

  • Unbranded items and items with no tags 
  • No longer accepting shoes
  • Low value fast fashion brands – Kmart, Target, Valley Girl, Dotti, Shein, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided,Supre, Factorie, Cotton On,  Boohoo and similar
  • Any unbranded denim 
  • Items that show any signs of wear or tear, rips or faded in anyway, stained or tans marks
  • Pyjamas, work uniforms, costumes, or underwear 
  • Fake or counterfeit items
  • Any type of jewellery 
  • No longer in season 
  • Items that a retail price of <$40. (Items that are under this price range generally don't sell well has second hand)

Property that does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted. The items will be returned to you at your expense or with your approval, Upcycle Clothing will donate your items to one of Upcycle Clothing’s affiliated charities.



  • Pricing bands are created by Upcycle Clothing and subjected to change. 
  • There is a $2 monthly fee to hold an account.  This fee pays for account and product maintenance. Throughout the consignment period items are managed to ensure prices stay competitive. This invoice will be added to your account. The account balance will be deducted from any sales prior to you receiving your payout. 
  • Upcycle Clothing will receive a commission on the final sale price of the consigned item. See table below:
  • Commission Payout Rates:



$5 -$ 39


$40 -  $100


$101 - 169


$170  -$300



  • Payments to consignees will be made monthly for any sales made in that period. Payment’s are made on the 5th of every month. 
  • Payments to consignees will be made to the Paypal account registered with the consignees account profile
  • Consignees are responsible for supplying and updating and maintaining accurate Paypal information



  • At the end of the consignment period your items can be posted (at the consigners cost) or picked up with 7 days or they will become the property of Upcycle Clothing.
  • Once items are donated they become property of Upcycle Clothing. 
  • Consigners have 7 days to ensure they are ready to sell their items. Once you have received an email notification that your items have been uploaded to the selling platforms you are unable to cancel your consignment agreement. 
  • Consignment Agreement can be terminated by Upcycle Clothing with 30 days’ notice period requested in writing



    • Upcycle Clothing will advertise and market the consigned items on multiple online sales platforms including and not restricted to
    • All images and marketing material associated with the consigned items belong to Upcycle Clothing.
    • Upcycle Clothing may periodically hold in person sales events either private or warehouse sales to showcase items. 
    • There is a 99cents surcharge on all products purchased.
    • Upcycle Clothing will not share or sell consignees information to any 3rd party entity.
    • Upcycle's Clothing reserves the right to update or change any terms and conditions at any time during the agreement period.
    • Upcycle Clothing makes no warranty that (a) Upcycle Clothing services will meet your requirements or (b) Upcycle Clothing services will be uninterrupted, timely, or error free.
    • Upcycle Clothing may periodically hold in person sales events either private or warehouse sales to showcase items.