How To Sell


Upcycle Clothing’s mantra is to provide a seamless service centred upon removing the effort of reselling your clothing.  We are all guilty of buying items that we only ever end up wearing once and sometimes never, this causes big impacts to the environment, your wardrobe and especially to your bank account.

Upcycle Clothing provides a unique service to resell your items with a chic virtual experience, modelled on real women, in real photos, on an easy-to-use platform. We market your inventory, find your buyers, communicate the details, and take care of the post-purchase hassles, like shipping. Just like that, you have decluttered your wardrobe, reduced fashion waste on the environment and given your outfits a new lease on life. Best of all you can sit back and watch your sales come in to reinvest in new stylish purchases.


  1. Click 'How to sell' on the website and click the consignor form. (Please note if you wish to rent your clothing, you will need to enter the form in the rental section as their is additional questions)
  2. Fill in the consignor form, along with entering the inventory listing with the items you wish to rent. Including item name, brand, size and condition.
  3. Upcycle Clothing will ensure your items match our terms and conditions. You will receive an email notifying you if your items have been accepted.
  4. Post items to Penrith NSW 2750 or drop off your items to a convenient location in Penrith (specific location provided later)
  5. Once items are received, Upcycle Clothing will futher inspect and ensure they meet Upcycle Clothing’s guidelines and the final inventory list is updated.
  6. Items will then be photographed and loaded onto online sales platforms.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email once your items have been uploaded, along with a link to set up your Consignee Portal via Aravenda. Here you will need to add your personal /payment details. This account will be used to track your inventory/ payments over the consignment period.
  8. Consignee Payments will be made via Paypal on a monthly basis.
  9. Once your item is sold, you will receive a percentage of the final sale price payout into your nominated Paypal account  
  10. At the end of the 6-month consignment period you will be contacted and can organise to have any unsold items returned.


Upcycle Clothing is interested in establishing an online platform to redirect quality, authentic, fashionable items away from landfill and into new wardrobes.  

When identifying items in your closet to send to Upcycle Clothing, think about items that you would offer to a friend and that are of great quality, great condition and items that will make people smile knowing they have snagged a great outfit.  We intentionally steer clear of fast fashion and damaged items. Items must be freshly laundered and in a condition that someone would be happy to purchase.

  • Clothes accepted - Branded womenswear, activewear, formal wear, workwear.
  • Accessories accepted - Branded handbags - Please ensure you are able to show authenticity/ receipt. 
  • Shoes accepted - Currently only accepting sneakers - Either brand new or in perfect condition.


Activewear - Szep, Echt, PE Nation, Stax, Nike, Reebok, Adidas...

Shoes - Nike, Air Jordans, Converse, Asics, Veja, New Balances, Vans, Supergas, Golden Goose.. (honestly just anything branded)

Denim - Abrand, Ksubi, Dr Denim, Insight, Neuw, Rollas, Levis, Ragged Priest...

Everything Else - Camilla & Marx, Zimmerman, Joslin Studio, Rat & Boa, Misha Collection, Dissh, Sabo Skirt, Jagger & Stone, Bardot, Ghanda, Bec & Bridge, AJE, Lioness, With Jean, I AM GIA, Natalie Rolt, Brought from General Pants, Glue...



 Please note these brands must have a tag on them &/or in current the season %/or sold out style. If your items do not fit this criteria they will not be sold via Upcycle Clothing.

Items that could easily be picked up from the shops for <$40 will no longer being accepted. (Items that are under this price range generally don't sell well as second hand)

If you are unsure if your item will be accepted, please email me first at

Brands - Babyboo, Beginning Boutique, Charcoal Clothing,  Glassons, Princess Polly, Peppermayo, Showpo, Zara.


At Upcycle Clothing we believe in selling clothes that give customers their value for money. We are trying to stay clear of fast fashion items.

  • Unbranded items and items with no tags 
  • No longer accepting shoes
  • Low value fast fashion brands – Kmart, Target, Valley Girl, Dotti, Shein, Pretty Little Thing, Missguided,Supre, Factorie, Cotton On,  Boohoo and similar
  • Any unbranded denim 
  • Items that show any signs of wear or tear, rips or faded in anyway, stained or tans marks
  • Pyjamas, work uniforms, costumes, or underwear 
  • Fake or counterfeit items
  • Any type of jewellery 
  • No longer in season 
  • Items that a retail price of <$40. (Items that are under this price range generally don't sell well has second hand)
Property that does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted. The items will be returned to you at your expense or with your approval, Upcycle Clothing will donate your items to one of Upcycle Clothing’s affiliated charities.


Each item is thoroughly inspected before it is uploaded. Items range from brand new to good condition. Anything that doesn’t fit these criteria will not be sold via Upcycle Clothing website. Each item is broken down into categories to explain its condition. 

Brand New with Tags Attached 

These items are brand

new and have never

been worn. Most likely the

item didn’t fit or

suit owner

Never Worn – No Tags Attached

These items are brand

new and have never

been worn. 

Most likely the item

didn’t fit or suit owner 

However, the tags are

no longer attached

Perfect Condition

These items have

been worn once or

twice and are

in perfect condition.

These items show

no signs of wear.

Great Condition 

These items may

have been worn

only once or a

few times,

however, may have

tiny signs of wear.

Good Condition 

These items have

been worn

multiple times,

however, may

have some signs

of wear or


Okay Condition

These items will

only be sold at

warehouse sale

events. These items

may show some

wear or imperfections

and we leave it up to the

buyer to decide

upon viewing. These

items are mostly

brand names. 


Upcycle Clothing is located in Penrith, NSW. Items can be dropped off or delivered. Address given upon request.  When creating your account via you will select how you choose to get the clothing to us.

  1. If you choose to drop off, you will be emailed a time and address to drop your items to.
  2. If you choose to have your items delivered, you will need to pay for postage and organise this yourself. We recommend ensuring you purchase tracking for your delivery.

*Please note Upcycle Clothing is not responsible for lost or stolen parcels.


Please ensure you inspect your items that you intend on sending to us as we reserve the right to reject and remove any items that we deem unsuitable for sale. Our goal is to ensure customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase. These items will be returned or donated according to your decision.

If items were posted, return postage will need to be paid for prior to the items being sent back to you. If items were dropped off/ picked up by staff, you will need to come and pick them up. Both will need to be done within 7 days. Items that have not been picked up or postage paid will become property of Upcycle Clothing. 


Items can be sold on multiple online platforms. 


As part of submitting an inventory list of items you want to sell you can nominate a pricing band with a nominated sale price and a minimum accepted price. On receipt of the items Upcycle Clothing will review and confirm the pricing expectations with the consignee. As a rule, Upcycled fashion generally trades from between 25% - 70% of the Recommended Retail price, based on condition. For Example, a $200 Dress may be listed for $150 if Brand New with Tags or $50 if worn multiple times and has minor wear visible. Other dependencies include brand, exclusivity, season, or vintage. 

We use external and internal data to capture trending insights to ensure appropriate pricing. During the consignment period the consignee may choose to participate in Sales promotions or warehouse sales. All sales outside of the pricing range on the approved inventory listing will be approved by the consignee.

If you choose to end your consignment period, they will be returned to you via the way you gave your items to Upcycle Clothing. If items were posted, postage will need to be paid for prior to the items being sent back to you. If items were dropped off/ picked up by staff, you will need to come and pick them up. Both will need to be done within 7 days. Items that have not been picked up or postage paid will become property of Upcycle Clothing.

Consigners must upload their product list individually using the provided system. For consigners who do not want to individually add each item there is a $5 fee for every 10 items. This fee will be added to the consigners account, when the consigners sells something this price will be taken off the commission. For consigners who don't sell anything during their consignment period will have the fee wiped. 



Upcycle Clothing will receive a commission on the final sale price of each item sold. If your item doesn’t sell within the agreed price range, there is no charge to the consignee. Upcycle Clothing updates all the items into Inventory list, evaluate and inspect each item, photograph, prepare for sales, upload the items to the website, find your buyers, communicate the details, and take care of the post-purchase hassles, like shipping.

Commission Payout Rates:



$5 -$ 29


$30 -  $49


$50 - 69


$70 - $100


$101  -$190


$191 - $300





These updated commission prices will be effective from June 1st 2022. 


There is a $2 monthly fee for having an account. This fee pays for account and product maintenance. Throughout the consignment period items are constantly managed to ensure prices stay competitive. This amount will be added to your account. Once an item is sold the money will be taken from your sale, once the invoice has been paid off you will then receive your money. For consignors who did not sell anything within their consignment period, the monthly fee will be removed.


Upcycle Clothing begins processing commission payments on the 5th day of every month for sales that occurred during the previous month. For example, payments processed on May 5th would cover the sales period from April 1st through to April 30th. Payments will be made via the vendor consignment app. Payments will be transferred via PayPal. Sellers will need to make sure they have created an account on the vendor consignment app. Sellers will need to add their PayPal email in. 

(a)  If the seller has not created an account on the vendor consignment app the money will sit in the account until created. 

(b)  If your PayPal email has not been added to your vendor consignment app the money will be transferred to the email used when creating your original account. You will then need to create a PayPal account under this email address to access your money – (if the email address is different to your PayPal email address). 

The timing of processing and delivering commission payments will typically be instant through PayPal.



The consignment period for each item of property begins on the date Upcycle Clothing accepts the items for consignment and ends 6 months after.

If an item remains unsold at the end of the consignment period, Upcycle Clothing will contact you. Items will be dealt with as originally chosen when creating an account.

(a) If you choose for items to be returned you will need to pay for shipping or pick up your items within 7 days.

(b) If you dropped off your item, you would need to pick up your items within 7 days. If items are not picked up within 7 days they will become property of Upcycle Clothing. 


Sellers have 7 days to ensure they are ready to sell their items. Once you have received an email notification that your items have been uploaded to the selling platforms you are unable to change your mind and take their clothes back. Please be sure you’re ready to part with your items before sending them to Upcycle.



You may elect to donate clothing. Items will then become property of Upcycle Clothing and it is in our discretion to deal with them as we see fit. You will not receive a payout for items donated.