Rent with Us


Upcycle Clothing’s mantra is to provide a seamless service centred upon removing the effort of renting your clothing. We are all guilty of buying items that we only ever end up wearing once. 

Upcycle Clothing provides a unique service to rent your items with a chic virtual experience, modelled on real women, in real photos, on an easy-to-use platform. We market your inventory, find your buyers/ renters, communicate the details, and take care of the post-purchase hassles, like shipping.


  1. Click ‘How to rent’ on the website and then click consignor form. (Please note if you wishing to sell clothing , you are welcome to add these items to this form - clothes do not require photos {step 2})
  2. Fill in the consignor form, along with entering the inventory listing with the items you wish to rent. Including item name, brand, size, condition and photo. (This photo can just be the item laying down). 
  3. Upcycle Clothing will inspect the items online. You will receive an email notifying you if your items have been accepted. 
  4. Once the item has been approved, post items to Penrith NSW 2750 or drop off your items to a convenient location in Penrith (specific location provided later) – Please note you will not be able to hold onto your item for the specific renting period. If you want the dress back for personal use you will need to contact Upcycle Clothing and ensure the dress has not already been booked for that date. 
  5. Items will then be photographed and loaded onto online rental platforms.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email once your items have been uploaded, along with a link to set up your Rentee Payment details on your account profile. This must be set up to ensure you are paid after your item is rented out.
  7. Consignee Payments will be made via Paypal on a monthly basis.
  8. Once your item is rented, you will receive 55% of the rental sale. 
  9. At the end of the 6-month rentee period you will be contacted and can organise to have any items that were not rented out handed back or moved into the sale section on the website. 


Upcycle Clothing is interested in establishing an online platform for rentees to rent out items in their wardrobes that you aren’t quite ready to part with but still don’t wear often. We have created a platform that removes the hassle of trying to rent out your own items, and even allows you the ability to rent out your items. 

Upcycle Clothing will be renting out sold out styles, one of a kind pieces and designer brands. Mid to high range rentals will be available through this service.

Items Accepted

  • Minimum Prices RRP (Recommended Retail Price) 

             - Dresses= $150 

             - Bottoms =  $100 

             - Tops = $80

  • The item is in perfect condition
  • Designer Brand


Items Not Accepted 

  • Casualwear
  • Items with an RRP below $100
  • Items in poor condition
  • Items with noticeable stains, pulls or tears
  • Items from shops  like Princess Polly, ETC -  Think of it as items that you could spend a little bit more and just buy yourself rather than rent. 



When pricing your rental items we take into account the condition and age of the garment. Generally when the item is in ‘near new’ condition, the hire price is approximately 25% of the RRP. We have added the Cleaning fee into the prices of each item.



 All lenders understand they are renting out  their items at their own risk and that Upcycle Clothing are only providing a service and platform for you to hire out your items and are in no way responsible for any damage and or theft once the item leave Upcycle Clothing HQ. 

 Renters will be charged a bond which will be given back to them once the item has been returned and its condition reviewed. Bond prices will differ depending on the item retail price. 

 Any damages made by the renter will result in the renter having to pay the 150%of the Retail Price(RRP) along with the rental fee. The 150% of the RRP will then be transferred directly to you.

In the event that a borrower refuses to pay late/damage fees due, we will give them 14 days to make this payment in good faith. If they resist further, the matter will then be passed on to a debt-collection service.



A bond acts as a security deposit that a customer pays an owner, on top of the hire fee, on collection of the item. This bond is then held and returned to the customer, upon return of the item, provided it is returned by the date stated, in the same condition, and dry cleaned before return (should you ask for this). Should the item be returned late, or damaged, some or all of the bond may be withheld for compensation. 


RRP Amount

Bond Amount

$0 - $150


$100 - $180


$190 - $400






Upcycle Clothing will receive a 50% commission on the sale price of each rental. 



There is a $2 monthly fee for having an account. This fee pays for account and product maintenance. Throughout the consignment period items are constantly managed to ensure prices stay competitive. This amount will be added to your account. Once an item is sold the money will be taken from your sale, once the invoice has been paid off you will then receive your money. For consignors who did not sell anything within their consignment period, the monthly fee will be removed. 



If your item was not rented out, you have the opportunity to have your items returned to you or moved to the sale section of the website.  For any charges on the account you will need to pay these prior to receiving you items back. For consignors who choose UC to enter their items they will need to pay that fee. For consignors who did n



Upcycle Clothing begins processing commission payments on the 5th day of every month for sales that occurred during the previous month. For example, payments processed on May 5th would cover the sales period from April 1st through to April 30th. Payments will be made via the vendor consignment app. Payments will be transferred via PayPal. Sellers will need to make sure they have created an account on the vendor consignment app. Sellers will need to add their PayPal email in. 

(a)  If the seller has not created an account on the vendor consignment app the money will sit in the account until created. 

(b)  If your PayPal email has not been added to your vendor consignment app the money will be transferred to the email used when creating your original account. You will then need to create a PayPal account under this email address to access your money – (if the email address is different to your PayPal email address). 

The timing of processing and delivering commission payments will typically be instant through PayPal.



The rental period will go for 6 months. After these 6 months, If your items are doing well you have the option to continue the rental period for another 4 months. If your item was not rented out, you have the opportunity to have your items returned to you (at your cost) or moved to the sale section of the website. 



If you wish to wear your rental piece, you need to email For items that are not booked for that weekend you are welcome to pick up the item.  If it is booked for that weekend you are unable to pick up the item.  Please ensure you drop the item back by Monday (dry cleaned)as we will need to ensure it is in perfect condition for the next renter. 




Please remember that once your item is rented out several times,  it will no longer be deemed in brand new or near new condition, regardless of Upcycle Clothing ensuring the renters keep the dress in good condition.